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Prof Bobby Kachappilly Antony

Professor Atomic And Molecular Physics; Molecular Spectrosco... View Profile

Prof Vineet Kumar Rai

Professor Atomic and Molecular Physics, Laser Physics, Phosp... View Profile

Prof Prashant Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Nanomaterials: Synthesis And Characterization, The... View Profile

Prof Pallian Murikkoli Sarun

Associate Professor Material Science, Superconductivity, Transport Pro... View Profile

Prof Shailendra Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Lumines... View Profile

Prof Umakanta Tripathy

Associate Professor Biophysics... View Profile

Prof Sridhar Sahu

Associate Professor Nanoclusters, Hydrogen Storage, Organic Semiconduc... View Profile

Prof Thangavel Rajalingam

Associate Professor Semiconductor Quantum Devices-Spin Qubits -Solar C... View Profile

Prof Vinod Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Optical Fiber Sensors, Design And Characterization... View Profile

Prof Jhasaketan Nayak

Associate Professor Oxide-Semiconductor Nanostructures For Energy and ... View Profile

Prof Ram Bilash Choudhary

Associate Professor Polymeric Nanohybrid B/T Materials For Energy Stor... View Profile

Prof Asit Kumar Kar

Associate Professor Experimental Micro And Nanoscience... View Profile

Prof Kaushal Kumar

Associate Professor Photoluminescence, Raman Spectroscopy... View Profile

Prof Pankaj Mishra

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Theory... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Prasad Giri

Assistant Professor Soft matter & surface physics, Nano-bio interface,... View Profile

Dr Mangesh Mohan Mandlik

Assistant Professor String Theory, GR, QFT, CFT, Black Holes... View Profile

Dr Esha Kundu

Assistant Professor Astronomy & Astrophysics - Black Holes, Neutron St... View Profile

Prof Sudeshna Sen

Assistant Professor I work in the area of Strongly correlated electron... View Profile

Dr Shreya Banerjee

Assistant Professor General Relativity And Cosmology- Modified Gravity... View Profile

Prof Amitava Adak

Assistant Professor High intensity laser-plasma interaction, High harm... View Profile

Prof Binata Panda

Assistant Professor String Theory... View Profile

Dr Ritwik Mondal

Assistant Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Spintronics,... View Profile

Prof Tusharkanti Dey

Assistant Professor Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Transition M... View Profile

Dr Soumya Bagchi

Assistant Professor Collective excitation in nuclei: giant resonances,... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Nirala

Professor (HAG) Laser-Based Interferometry, Speckle Metrology, Hol... View Profile