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Prof Randip Kumar Das

Professor Thermodynamics, Refrigeration, Heat Transfer... View Profile

Prof Kabir Dasgupta

Professor Fluid Power and Control, Mining Machinery... View Profile

Prof K Priya Ajit

Associate Professor Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Fatigue And Fra... View Profile

Prof Somnath Chattopadhyaya

Associate Professor Manufacturing... View Profile

Prof Alok Kumar Das

Associate Professor Un-Conventional Machining and Micro-Machining, Las... View Profile

Prof Jayanta Das

Associate Professor Fluid Power Control, Mechatronics,Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Amit Rai Dixit

Associate Professor Additive Manufacturing, Non-Conventional Machining... View Profile

Prof Subrata Kumar Ghosh

Associate Professor Tribology, Nano-Lubrication, Turbo-Machinery And C... View Profile

Prof Sanjoy Kumar Ghoshal

Associate Professor Modeling And Simulation of Dynamical Systems, Flui... View Profile

Prof Rabindra Nath Hota

Associate Professor Technical Acoustics, Vibration... View Profile

Prof Kailash Jha

Associate Professor Cad/Cam, Curve And Surface Modeling/Water Pipe Net... View Profile

Prof L A Kumaraswamidhas

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Design, Vibrat... View Profile

Prof Prashanta Kr Mahato

Associate Professor Composite Material: Computational and Experimental... View Profile

Prof Ashis Mallick

Associate Professor Phase Field Simulation, Nanostructured and Nanocom... View Profile

Prof Amitava Mandal

Associate Professor Non-Traditional Machining, Surface Engineering, Ad... View Profile

Prof Shibayan Sarkar

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Turbine, Pipe Network, ... View Profile

Prof Kalyan Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Nano Composite Ma... View Profile

Prof Shailendra Narayan Singh

Associate Professor Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, CFD, Solar Energy... View Profile

Prof Tanweer Alam

Assistant Professor Heat Transfer Analysis, Heat Flux Measurement Tech... View Profile

Prof Md Sikandar Azam

Assistant Professor Machine Design, Tribology; Lubrication And Bearing... View Profile

Prof Vivek Bajpai

Assistant Professor High speed micromachining and sub areas, metal cas... View Profile

Prof Swagata Bhaumik

Assistant Professor (1) Stability And Transition of Incompressible And... View Profile

Prof Madan Lal Chandravanshi

Assistant Professor Maintenance Engg , Condition Monitoring, Structura... View Profile

Prof Rashmi Ranjan Das

Assistant Professor Fracture Mechanics, FRP Composites, FEM, Adhesive ... View Profile

Prof Tanmay Dutta

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Vortex Tube Refriger... View Profile

Prof Ajit Kumar

Assistant Professor Fluid Power System, Machine Design, Fluid Power an... View Profile

Prof Niranjan Kumar

Assistant Professor Design of Pressure Vessel, Fracture Mechanics, Des... View Profile

Prof Tanmoy Maity

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Instrumentation, Mine Electrica... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Drop Evaporation, Shedding, Drop Impact On Various... View Profile

Prof S Narayanan

Assistant Professor Experimental Aero-Acoustics, Aerodynamics, High Sp... View Profile

Prof Satyabrata Sahoo

Assistant Professor Solid Sorption Systems, Heat And Mass Transfer, Re... View Profile

Dr Ajay Bhandari

Assistant Professor Bio-Fluid Mechanics, Medical-Image Based Numerical... View Profile

Dr Arun Dayal Udai

Assistant Professor Industrial Robotics: Force Control, Parallel Robot... View Profile

Dr Zafar Alam

Assistant Professor Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing Processes, Nanof... View Profile

Dr Sarthak S Singh

Assistant Professor Mechanical Characterization (Quasi-Static And Dyna... View Profile

Dr Aditi Sengupta

Assistant Professor Turbulence, Transition and Receptivity, Computatio... View Profile