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Prof Shishir Gupta

Professor Theoretical Seismology, Numerical Methods, Solid M... View Profile

Prof Garib Nath Singh

Professor Sample Surveys... View Profile

Prof Subhashis Chatterjee

Professor Software Reliability, Web Software Reliability, Al... View Profile

Prof Akhilesh Prasad

Professor Pseudo-Differential Operators, Wavelets, Distribut... View Profile

Prof Mritunjay Kumar Singh

Professor Hydrodynamics/Solute Transport Modeling/Groundwate... View Profile

Prof Anurag Jayswal

Associate Professor Mathematical Programming, Generalized Convexity, V... View Profile

Prof Santimoy Kundu

Associate Professor Theoretical Seismology And Wave Propagation Aspect... View Profile

Prof Badam Singh Kushvah

Associate Professor Celestial Mechanics and Dynamcal Astronomy, High P... View Profile

Prof Abhishek Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Elastodynamics, Wave Propagation Aspects, Crack Pr... View Profile

Prof Ashish Bhatt

Assistant Professor Structure-Preserving Numerical Integration, Model ... View Profile

Prof Nabakumar Jana

Assistant Professor Statistical Inference, Classification of Observati... View Profile

Prof Ramanababu Kaligatla

Assistant Professor Water Waves And Wave-Structure Interaction, Engine... View Profile

Prof PramodĀ Kumarr Kewat

Assistant Professor Number Theory And Algebraic Coding Theory... View Profile

Prof Dinabandhu Pradhan

Assistant Professor Graph Theory And Graph Algorithms... View Profile

Prof Abha Rani

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Lamunar Free Convect... View Profile

Prof Pentyala Srinivasa Rao

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dyanics, Scientific Computing... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Anand Sahu

Assistant Professor Elastodynamics (Seismic Wave Propagation)... View Profile

Prof Abhay Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Algebra... View Profile

Dr A Antony Selvan

Assistant Professor Computational Harmonic Analysis... View Profile

Dr Shuvashree Mondal

Assistant Professor Reliability Analysis and Distribution Theory... View Profile