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Prof Chandan Bhar

Professor Operations Management... View Profile

Prof Pramod Pathak

Professor HR and Marketing... View Profile

Prof Govind Swaroop Pathak

Professor Human Motivation, Human Recourse Development, Cons... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Mondal

Professor Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Reverse ... View Profile

Prof Jamini Kanta Pattanayak

Professor Accounting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governan... View Profile

Prof Saumya Singh

Professor Social Media Marketing and Consumer Behaviour... View Profile

Prof Bibhas Chandra

Associate Professor Consumer Behaviour, Sustainable Marketing, Service... View Profile

Prof Niladri Das

Associate Professor Corporate Governance, Sustainability Reporting, En... View Profile

Prof Mrinalini Pandey

Associate Professor Gender studies, Tribal studies, Advertising, Consu... View Profile

Prof Shashank Bansal

Assistant Professor Works in the area of corporate finance and corpora... View Profile

Prof Mohd. Irfan

Assistant Professor Applied Econometrics, Environmental And Natural Re... View Profile

Prof Aparna Krishna

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Krishnendu Shaw

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Prof Kuthambalayan Sridhar Thyagaraj

Assistant Professor Operations Research, Operations Management, Supply... View Profile

Prof Himanshu Gupta

Assistant Professor Operations and Supply Chain Management... View Profile

Dr Shrawan Kumar Trivedi

Assistant Professor Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Na... View Profile

Dr Shikha Singh

Assistant Professor Operations, Industrial Digitalization, Product Lif... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Singh

Assistant Professor Simulation and Modeling, Scheduling, Optimization ... View Profile