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Prof Barun Kumar Nandi

Associate Professor Coal Combustion, Clean Coal Technology, Renewable ... View Profile

Prof Shravan Kumar

Associate Professor Dewatering, Froth Flotation, Flocculation... View Profile

Prof Shatrughan Soren

Associate Professor Extractive Metallurgy, Materials Science, Wear And... View Profile

Prof Shalini Gautam

Associate Professor Renewable energy; Thermochemical conversion: Biom... View Profile

Dr Rajasekhar Reddy Busigari

Assistant Professor Thermochemical Conversion Of Renewable And Non-ren... View Profile

Dr Aarti Kumari

Assistant Professor Metal Extraction and Purification, Hydrometallurgy... View Profile

Dr Raj Kumar Dishwar

Assistant Professor Extractive Metallurgy, Ferrous Process Metallurgy,... View Profile

Dr Nitesh Kumar Sahu

Assistant Professor Pulverized Solid-fuel Combustion in Entrained Flo... View Profile

Dr Shubhi Gupta

Assistant Professor Biofuels, Thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, ga... View Profile

Dr Vishnu Teja Mantripragada

Assistant Professor Process Metallurgy, Transport Phenomena, Droplets ... View Profile

Dr Avanish Kumar

Assistant Professor Mechanical Behavior Of Materials, Nanostructured B... View Profile

Dr Kesavan Ravi

Assistant Professor Cold spray processing, Joining of materials, Therm... View Profile

Prof Anand Anupam

Assistant Professor Coal Preparation, Mineral Engineering... View Profile

Prof Pankaj Kumar Jain

Assistant Professor Gravity Concentration, Equipment Design And Develo... View Profile

Dr Rahul M R

Assistant Professor Solidification And ICME, Welding And FEM Simulatio... View Profile

Dr Madhumanti Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor Physical Metallurgy Of Steel, Process-Structure-Pr... View Profile

Prof Nikkam Suresh

Emeritus Fellow Gravity Concentration of Coal/Minerals, Modeling o... View Profile

Dr Subhendu Mishra

Visiting Assistant Professor Vibrometry, Process Monitoring And Control, Instru... View Profile