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Prof Subodh Kumar Maiti

Professor (HAG) Restoration Ecology; Carbon Sequestration, Biodive... View Profile

Prof Anshumali Anshumali

Professor Geochemistry/Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial And Aq... View Profile

Prof Sunil Kumar Gupta

Professor Water And Wastewater Engineering, Industrial Waste... View Profile

Prof Biswajit Paul

Professor Mine Environment, Land Reclamation, Fly-Ash Utiliz... View Profile

Prof Alok Sinha

Professor Water And Wastewater Engineering, Groundwater Reme... View Profile

Prof Prasoon Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Groundwater Quality Assessment and Quantity Manage... View Profile

Prof Suresh Pandian Elumalai

Associate Professor Air Pollution, Emission And Dispersion Modeling, V... View Profile

Prof Sheeja Jagadevan

Associate Professor Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Environmental Bi... View Profile

Prof Manish Kumar Jain

Associate Professor Environmental Aspects of Mining Industry, Remote S... View Profile

Prof Vipin Kumar

Associate Professor Environmental Microbiology And Biotechnology, Micr... View Profile

Prof Brijesh Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor 1. Electrochemical/Electro kinetic/Electro-coagula... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Pichiah

Associate Professor Functional And Emerging Materials... View Profile

Prof Sukha Ranjan Samadder

Associate Professor Application of LCA and Remote Sensing & GIS in Env... View Profile

Dr Tinesh Pathania

Assistant Professor Groundwater Flow And Contaminant Transport Modelli... View Profile

Dr Saifi Izhar

Assistant Professor Air Pollution, Atmospheric science, source apporti... View Profile

Dr Vittal Hari

Assistant Professor My research work in UFZ mainly focuses on assessin... View Profile

Dr Madhumita Patel

Assistant Professor Municipal Waste Management, Pyrolysis Of Waste T... View Profile