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Prof Subindu Kumar

Professor III-V Semiconductor Nano-Structures, Nano-Scaled M... View Profile

Prof Sajal Kumar Paul

Professor Current Mode Analog ICs; VLSI Circuits... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Kumar

Professor Nano-Optoelectronics, Nanoelectronics... View Profile

Prof Debjani Mitra

Professor Wireless Communication , Cognitive Radio , Soft Co... View Profile

Prof Kaushik Mazumdar

Associate Professor VLSI Design, Electronic Low Dimensional Systems, A... View Profile

Prof Nirupama Mandal

Associate Professor Transducer Design, Controller Design, Instrumentat... View Profile

Prof Jaisingh Thangaraj

Associate Professor Optical Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, VANET,... View Profile

Prof Amitesh Kumar

Associate Professor RF Photonics, Microwave Photonics, Fiber Optic Sen... View Profile

Prof Mrinal Sen

Associate Professor Photonics, Embedded Systems, Computational Intelli... View Profile

Prof Rajeev Kumar Ranjan

Associate Professor Analog VLSI Circuits And Systems: Voltage, Current... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanshi

Associate Professor Optical Fiber Communication... View Profile

Prof Ravi Kumar Gangwar

Associate Professor Dielectric Resonator Antennas, MIMO Antennas, Bio-... View Profile

Prof Mukul Kumar Das

Associate Professor Modeling, Design and Growth of c-Si and non-Silico... View Profile

Prof Devendra Chack

Associate Professor Silicon Photonics and On-Chip Optical Interconnect... View Profile

Prof Santanu Dwari

Associate Professor RF and Microwave Engineering, Antenna.... View Profile

Prof Sushrut Das

Associate Professor Electromagnetic Theory, Antenna, Microwave,... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Grover

Assistant Professor Smart Sensor system, Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Aman Sikri

Assistant Professor Wireless Communications, Digital Communications, P... View Profile

Dr Jeevesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Atomic-level investigations of 2D materials, espec... View Profile

Dr Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Sparse Signal Processing, Statistical Learning and... View Profile

Dr Shalu Rani

Assistant Professor Energy storage devices for wearable electronics in... View Profile

Prof Himanshu Bhusan Mishra

Assistant Professor Physical Layer And Signal Processing Aspects of Wi... View Profile

Prof Rahul Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Modelling of Analog And Mixed-Signal Circuits, Fau... View Profile

Dr Prashant Kumar Varshney

Assistant Professor Electromagnetics, RF & Microwaves, RF Sensors, SIW... View Profile

Prof Govind Murmu

Assistant Professor Signal Processing And Its Applications... View Profile

Prof Manodipan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Modeling And Simulation of Nano-Interconnects And ... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Kumar

Inspire Faculty Solar cells, Thin films, Nanomaterials... View Profile