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Prof Nitai Pal

Professor Power Electronics, Power Systems, Renewable Energy... View Profile

Prof Somnath Pan

Professor Reduced Order Modelling and Controller Design, Pro... View Profile

Prof Tanmoy Maity

Professor Power Electronics, Instrumentation, Mine Electrica... View Profile

Prof Sanjoy Mandal

Professor Integrated Optics, Optical Signal Processing, Deve... View Profile

Prof Kalyan Chatterjee

Professor Power System, Soft Computing Application In Power ... View Profile

Prof Biplab Bhattacharyya

Professor Power System... View Profile

Prof Sukanta Das

Associate Professor Electric Machines and Drives, Energy Efficient Dri... View Profile

Prof Kartick Chandra Jana

Associate Professor Power Electronics, Multilevel Converters, Motor Dr... View Profile

Prof Vijaya Bhaskar Devara

Associate Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Prof Paresh Kumar Nayak

Associate Professor Power System Protection, Control, And Monitoring. ... View Profile

Prof Arijit Baral

Associate Professor High Voltage Engineering, Condition Monitoring of ... View Profile

Prof Gauri Shankar

Associate Professor Power System... View Profile

Prof Vivekananda Mukherjee

Associate Professor Power System Optimization... View Profile

Dr Haswanth Vundavilli

Assistant Professor Systems biology, bioinformatics, and computational... View Profile

Dr Shyam A B

Assistant Professor Microgrid, DC-DC converters, Power sharing, Invert... View Profile

Dr Soumyabrata Barik

Assistant Professor Power System, Distribution Network, Renewable Ener... View Profile

Dr Sukanta Halder

Assistant Professor Electric Vehicle, WBG inverter development, PMSM D... View Profile

Dr Bhawana Singh

Assistant Professor Contraction Analysis, Lyapunov Methods (Control Ly... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Srinivas Vedantham

Assistant Professor Electric Vehicle Drive Systems, Battery Management... View Profile

Prof Sethupathy S

Assistant Professor Electromagnetism, Electric Machines, Computatio... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar

Assistant Professor Power electronics, Power electronic converters... View Profile

Prof Anirban Ghoshal

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Distributed Generation, Electri... View Profile

Prof Ananda Shankar Hati

Assistant Professor Deep learning-based CBM, AI-based Energy Efficienc... View Profile

Prof Bhukya Krishna Naick

Assistant Professor Electrical Drives, Renewable Energy Sources... View Profile

Dr Kishor Bhaskarrao Nandapurkar

Assistant Professor Sensors and interfacing circuits, direct-digital m... View Profile

Prof Dushyant Sharma

Assistant Professor Power system control, microgrids, grid forming inv... View Profile

Prof Pradip Kumar Sadhu

Professor (HAG) His current areas of interest are Power Electronic... View Profile