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Prof Chiranjeev Kumar

Professor and Dean Wireless Networks , Software Engineering... View Profile

Prof Gosta Pada Biswas

Professor Cryptography, Wired/Wireless Networking And Securi... View Profile

Prof Prasanta K Jana

Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, Fog Com... View Profile

Prof Sachin Tripathi

Associate Professor Group Security,Ad-Hoc And Sensor Network,Artificia... View Profile

Prof Susanta Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor Image Processing, Fmri, Image/Video Compression, I... View Profile

Prof Haider Banka

Associate Professor Soft Computing... View Profile

Prof Hari Om

Assistant Professor Video-On-Demand, Cryptology, Data Mining, Informat... View Profile

Prof Tarachand Amgoth

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks And Cloud Computing... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Pamula

Assistant Professor Data Mining,Machine Learning, Wireless Networks... View Profile

Prof Annavarapu Chandra Sekhara Rao

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Algorithms , Datamini... View Profile

Prof Arup Kumar Pal

Assistant Professor Content-Based Image Retrieval, and Multimedia Secu... View Profile

Prof Dharavath Ramesh

Assistant Professor Processing and Mining Big Data, Cloud Computing, D... View Profile

Prof Tanusree Kaibartta

Assistant Professor VLSI Testing... View Profile

Prof Soumen Bag

Assistant Professor Document Image Analysis, OCR For Indian Scripts, M... View Profile

Prof Ansuman Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication And Networks, Graph Algorit... View Profile

Dr Madhulika Mohanty

Assistant Professor Query Optimization In Databases, Knowledge Graphs ... View Profile