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Prof Sarat Kumar Das

Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Geoenvironmental Enginee... View Profile

Prof Sekhar Chandra Dutta

Professor Structural Dynamics And Earthquake Engineering, In... View Profile

Prof Sanket Nayak

Associate Professor Seismic Safety of Structures, Sustainable Streng... View Profile

Prof Sarat Kumar Panda

Associate Professor Stability of Structures, Analysis And Design of Co... View Profile

Prof Sukanta Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Structural Engg, Computational Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Kironmala Chanda

Assistant Professor Hydrology, Water Resources, Climate Change... View Profile

Prof Sowmiya Chawla

Assistant Professor Geotechnology For Roads And Railway Tracks, Geosyn... View Profile

Prof Satadru Das Adhikary

Assistant Professor Blast and Impact Engineering; Structural Concrete ... View Profile

Prof Tanish Dey

Assistant Professor Non-Linear Dynamics, Stability, Shell Theory, Comp... View Profile

Prof Vishwas Nandkishor Khatri

Assistant Professor Upper And Lower Bound Finite Elements Limit Analys... View Profile

Prof Smruti Sourava Mohapatra

Assistant Professor Transportation Engineering... View Profile

Prof Lohit Kumar Nainegali

Assistant Professor Soils and Foundations; Numerical Modeling and Anal... View Profile

Prof Rajib Sarkar

Assistant Professor Soil-Structure Interaction, Liquefaction of Soil, ... View Profile

Dr Piyali Sengupta

Assistant Professor Structural Dynamics, Computational Mechanics, Brid... View Profile

Prof Renu V

Assistant Professor Flow and Transport in Subsurface systems, Flow an... View Profile

Dr Leeza Malik

Assistant Professor Urban Transportation Planning, Transport Externali... View Profile