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Prof Gopalkrishnan Udayabhanu 

Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Mahendra Yadav

Professor Electrochemistry,Corrosion Science, Coordination C... View Profile

Prof Parthasarathi Das

Professor Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Sagar Pal

Professor • Development of polymeric gels, amphiphilic cop... View Profile

Prof Biswajit Chowdhury

Professor Nanomaterials And Heterogeneous Catalysis CO2 fix... View Profile

Prof Devendra Deo Pathak

Professor Synthetic Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry, Homo... View Profile

Prof Hari Pada Nayek

Associate Professor Main Group Organometallic Chemistry, Lanthanide Ch... View Profile

Prof Sumanta Kumar Padhi

Associate Professor Artificial Photosynthesis... View Profile

Prof Somnath Yadav

Associate Professor Organic Synthesis, Catalysis, Organic Photochemist... View Profile

Prof Sumanta Kumar Sahu

Associate Professor Nanomaterials... View Profile

Prof Ganesh Chandra Nayak

Associate Professor Supercapacitor, Microwave Absorbing Materials, Bat... View Profile

Prof Soumitra Maity

Associate Professor Organo-Catalysis; Synthetic Methodology; Total Syn... View Profile

Prof Chanchal Haldar

Associate Professor Coordination Chemistry, Catalysis, Model Complexes... View Profile

Prof Swapan Dey

Associate Professor Molecular Recognition, Supramolecular Chemistry, H... View Profile

Prof Rohith P John

Associate Professor Host-Guest Systems, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Bio-A... View Profile

Dr Sourav Kumar Dey

Assistant Professor SELEX methods for generating high affinity and ex... View Profile

Dr Asmita Singha

Assistant Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry, Understanding The Reaction... View Profile

Dr Naga Rajiv Lakkaniga

Assistant Professor Organic synthesis; Heterocyclic chemistry based dr... View Profile

Prof Rashmi Madhuri

Assistant Professor Molecularly Imprinted Polymer, Nanotechnology, And... View Profile

Prof Soumit Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Laser Spectroscopy, Time-Domain Fluorescence Spect... View Profile

Prof Niladri Patra

Assistant Professor Self-Assembly of Patchy Particles, Carbonaceous Ma... View Profile

Prof Madhulika Gupta

Assistant Professor Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Physical ... View Profile