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Prof Vineet Kumar

Emeritus Fellow Process Modeling And Simulation: Separation Proces... View Profile

Prof Soubhik Kumar Bhaumik

Associate Professor Microfluidics,Cfd,Inter-Facial Phenomena,Heat Tran... View Profile

Prof Suman Dutta

Associate Professor Wastewater Treatment; Advanced Oxidation Process; ... View Profile

Prof Aditya KumarĀ 

Associate Professor Nanotechnology, Surface Science, Interfacial Scien... View Profile

Prof Arunkumar Samanta

Associate Professor Carbon Capture, Gas Separation, Clean Coal Technol... View Profile

Prof Siddhartha Sengupta

Associate Professor Research in our group is resting on understanding ... View Profile

Prof Lutukurthi DNVV Konda

Assistant Professor Photocatalysis, Multiphase Reactors And Cfd Simula... View Profile

Prof Paidinaidu Paluri

Assistant Professor Solid Waste management and Adsorption studies... View Profile

Prof Suresh Kumar Yatirajula

Assistant Professor Rheology of Complex fluids- Water-soluble polymers... View Profile

Prof Ejaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis, Heteropolyacid, Esterific... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Devi Pantula

Assistant Professor Process Systems Engineering, Machine Learning and ... View Profile

Prof Sourav Sengupta

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Hydrodynamic... View Profile

Dr Sandip Mandal

Assistant Professor Granular Mechanics; Fluid Mechanics; Complex fluid... View Profile

Dr Aritra Santra

Assistant Professor Computational and Mathematical analysis to soft ma... View Profile

Dr Bidhan Chandra

Assistant Professor Onset of transition in the flow of polymer flows, ... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Naktuji Nandanwar

Assistant Professor Electrochemical storage of energy (batteries and s... View Profile

Dr Soumyajit Sen Gupta

Assistant Professor Process Systems Engineering, Large scale Optimizat... View Profile