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Prof Bhabesh Chandra Sarkar

Professor Geostatistics... View Profile

Prof Deepankar Asthana

Professor Igneous Petrology And Geochemistry... View Profile

Prof Atul Kumar Varma

Professor Coal Geology,Organic Petrology,Organic Geochemistr... View Profile

Prof A S Venkatesh

Professor Ore Geology, Mining Geology, Environmental Geology... View Profile

Prof Ajoy Kumar Bhaumik

Associate Professor Micropaleontology, Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanogra... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Kumar Dubey

Associate Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Enginnering Geology, Exp... View Profile

Prof Mrinal Kanti Mukherjee

Associate Professor Structural Geology In Exploration And Engineering ... View Profile

Prof Anup Krishna Prasad

Associate Professor Climate Change, Aerosols, Glaciers, Hyperspectral ... View Profile

Prof Sushant Sarangi

Associate Professor Stable Isotope Geology, Geochronology And Geochemi... View Profile

Dr Sahendra Singh

Associate Professor Economic Geology (Gold Metallogeny of Archean-Prot... View Profile

Prof Tajdarul Hassan Syed

Associate Professor Hydrology And Remote Sensing... View Profile

Prof Rajgopal Anand

Assistant Professor Crustal Evolution During Archean, Accessory Minera... View Profile

Prof Pranab Das

Assistant Professor Geochemistry, Marine Geochemistry, Marine Geomorph... View Profile

Prof Upama Dutta

Assistant Professor Metamorphic Petrology... View Profile

Prof Alik Sundar Majumdar

Assistant Professor Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Fluid-Rock Interaction... View Profile

Prof Prabodha Ranjan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Mineral Exploration, Metallogeny of Precious And B... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh Tripathy

Assistant Professor Geomechanics, Shale Gas, Coalbed Methane, Unconven... View Profile

Dr Joseph Rohan Dsouza

Assistant Professor Petrology; Structural Geology; Precambrian Crustal... View Profile